Business Acquisition

Problem Solving

‘There is more than one way to skin a cat’ as the old saying goes.


Too often people try to fit things into their only way of thinking, not realising there are many ways to achieve the end result. Through using creative thinking over the years I’ve been able to structure purchases which have enabled the seller to achieve a sale where they might not otherwise.


You may have an idea of how to sell your business which other people aren’t receptive to. I like nothing more than collaborating with people to structure a deal which works for everyone.


Feel free to get in touch if you need to sell your business and lets discuss it

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Friendly & Approachable

It can be very daunting when speaking to someone about selling your business. It can feel like you’re under the microscope and have to justify your actions. This immediately puts your guard up and makes the process very defensive. I am completely the opposite.

Of course I’m very interested in the business, but I’m equally (if not more) interested in the people behind it; the history, how you’ve got to where you are and what you would like to happen.

As someone who is very person-centred I am the opposite of the corporate face of M&A or Private Equity – I like people, and good people like to do business with other good people.

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Professional Ethics

My Roots

During my medical career every conversation is deemed confidential and I have righly been held to the highest ethical standards of behaviour and professionalism.

Different From The Rest

I never cease to be amazed by the stories of rogue businessmen and women who think nothing of practicing underhand tactics to try to gain an edge.

From bare-faced lies to changing the terms at the last minute I’ve seen and heard of things that make me wince.

Applying Ethics To Business

Having had decades of professionalism ingrained in me I am proud to continue that into my business career; I know no other way.

No ulterior motive, no stringing along, no time wasting.

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